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Bonuses Given By Casino Payment Service Providers

Online casinos offer you several options for handling your banking transactions. You can use your credit card accounts, e-wallets or prepaid payment options. There are also a number of financial payment service providers that you can subscribe to. This is possible as long as the provider you have chosen is accepted by the online casino you signed up for. All of these financial service providers use electronic payments for every transaction you do with them. Some examples of such providers are Neteller, Ukash, Moneybookers and Intercash.

Online casinos usually encourage their players to use these financial service providers to handle their electronic payments rather than using credit cards. This is because online casinos usually find it hard dealing with some banks, especially across shores. There are still some countries who have not legalizes online casino gaming. Casinos offer alternative payment bonuses for those who would do away with the credit card method. As a result, the competition between these financial service providers is rising with the rise of casino gaming popularity. They too, began to offer various bonuses to attract potential clients.

The two most popular types of bonuses provided by these providers are listed below:

1. Cashback type In this promotion, you will receive money amounting to a percentage of your deposits using the service provider. For example, after signing registering an account with the provider, you can be given the chance to avail of this bonus. The provider can require you to deposit a certain amount of money in your account in their server before you are eligible for the bonus. If you've fulfilled this requirement, then you will receive the percentage of all your deposits. This bonus is usually limited to a certain number of months/years after registration.

2. Loyalty points type In this promotion, instead of receiving a percentage of your deposits, you will receive points. This promotion is pretty similar to the loyalty rewards bonus offered by online casinos. For every transaction you did with the online casino using the services of the financial service provider, you gain loyalty points. These points can then be exchanged for various gifts or amount of money previously declared by the provider. Also, transactions that will earn you points are not limited with those you have with the online casino. Upgrading your status can also earn you these loyalty points.

Now, using these financial service providers not only gives you alternative payment bonuses from casinos, it can also get you to receive extra bonuses from the provider themselves. Moreover, these benefits are not limited to your transactions with online casinos. You can also avail the bonuses even when you use your service provider account for other purposes. The advantages of using such payment methods are piling up. Although using the credit card method may be more comfortable for you, you should try to consider using financial service providers for your payment transactions. The bonuses and promotions are definitely worth the extra effort you might expend while signing up.


Online Casino Beginners Primer: Ensure your Security

Unlike other online games available today, casino gaming deals with an immense amount of money. And unlike in physical casinos where you can concretely get a hold of your deposits and prizes, casino gaming uses online banking methods to handle payment systems. Technically, the money that you deposit and those that you win is virtual. With sufficient brains, resources and intent, anyone can steal money from your casino game account. Moreover, online casino games require you to divulge credit card information which is virtually kept in their servers. Once accessed by an outside party, astronomical losses and financial fatalities may befall all the casino's customers. We used online pokies australia as our example of a casino site security.

Some of the most common security measures are listed below:

1. Privacy Policy Online casinos will typically require you to disclose certain information about yourself. This is mainly for identity checking and payment options. Your demographic information (gender, race, mobility, age, employment status, home ownership and location) and financial data (credit card information) are some of the commonly asked information. All of them are sensitive data that can jeopardize your safety and security. To ensure you that all these are kept safe, online casinos employ a privacy policy. A privacy policy states what information is collected from you, how and where it will be used and the casino's methods to keep it safe.  A common content from the privacy policy is that the casino will not reveal any sort of information that you've given them. No third party will ever be privy to your personal information, save from court orders. Online casinos also employ firewalls and internet security options to ensure no unauthorized access can breach their servers.

2. Dispute Solutions It is imperative for every online casino to keep an archive of all their players' game trades, actions and deals. The casinos make this archive transparent to their customers. This is required for dispute claims and resolution. Disputes are created when you feel that you have not received the money you should have received from winning. In addition, you can call a dispute when there is a financial anomaly in your gaming account. The archived transactions will then act as evidence in favor or against you.

3. Encryption of Fund Transfers It is already a common hacking method to intercept information coming from one end to another. This can also be applied to money transfers. In the case of online casinos, huge amounts of money are being transferred every transaction. To ensure that the your funds cannot be intercepted by an outside party, casinos employ encryption protocols.  While the virtual money is being transmitted between the two ends, it is encrypted. Any intercepting party will only get scrambled versions of the information. The best online casinos employ the latest encryption technology.
These are only some of the measures taken by online casinos to ensure the safety of your information. You must always make sure the casinos you choose provide these security methods.


Marie Claire Attempts to Probe into “Feminisation” of Pokies

It may have been hinted by some, including us at OnlinePokiesAustralia, about the rising number of female punters in the last five years or so, but thanks to Marie Claire, we can finally confirm it. According to their research, the so-called “feminisation” of pokie gaming started as far back as the early ‘90s, when states like Victoria started bringing in more pokie machines and building more and more pubs devoted to pokies.

One of the things that their write-up had included is that, typically, women punters start becoming more attracted to pokies once they reach their 30s or 40s.They also have tied it up along with the rise of the casual gaming scene, on which it was statistically proven already that females make up a huge chunk of the core market, wherein online pokie sites are also reporting an increasing number in their female demographic.

However, the rest of the article offers anything but a positive note: they had also stated that, from around ten per cent, the figure then jumped to about forty to sixty per cent of female problem gamers which have been treated ever since the “Golden Age” of pokies in the early ‘90s. They also came up with the supposed fact that women are quicker to develop instances of problem gaming than their male counterparts.

Even the psychologists that the reporters had interviewed for the article—all females, of course—have provided reasons on why they think females are more vulnerable to pokie addiction. One interviewee, Doctor Kristen Dunn of the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service in South Australia, had commented that pokie machines are “really reinforcing in terms of providing that escape from the stress or distress that’s pervading their lives elsewhere… The only problem is that when they leave, all of that is still waiting for them and most of the time they’ve lost all their money. This then creates greater psychological distress, which then leads them back into the venue. So it’s very much a vicious cycle.” Hence, even if it’s more commonplace to find female gamers whiling their time away in the slots, she said that they are more prone to hide their habits in front of their loved ones and friends because they feel ashamed to admit that they have a gaming problem, even among themselves.

Other than the fact that it gets depressing by the end of the report, it really is an insightful read if you want to find out the difference between the psyche of the female and male pokie players when they start gaming.


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It is then only prudent for online casinos to ensure a safe gaming environment of all their players. They adopt certain security mechanisms and as a player, it is your responsibility to check whether your chosen casino utilizes these mechanisms.