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Concrete Logistics: More Efficient Ways in Transporting and Delivering Concrete Products
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Monday, 21 January 2013 05:25

Using stamped concrete to complement home landscape designs creates an interestingly stunning detail that makes outdoor living space look clean and overall appealing. Stamped concrete is usually seen in sideways, driveways and patio. They are made up of aggregate, cement and water that is hardened and formed into tiles that create a textured pattern that looks great on outdoor spaces.

Most often, concrete suppliers deliver their products to the client’s home or site. Some companies will take extra measures like ensuring speedy and efficient delivery by surveying the site beforehand to ensure that the transit mixer trucks will have unaffected access to the location.

The transport of raw construction materials that is used to make concrete could create a mess especially when all the materials are still to be mixed. Thus, to cut the effort of mixing the aggregate, water and cement is pre-mixed by the company and transported via the concrete mixer truck that can store and mix concrete during the travel to the site. The two chief goals when transporting concrete from the mixing plant to the construction site are to avert segregation and to avoid reducing the workability of the mix. The transportation process must be carefully thought out and systematized competently. Thirty to sixty minutes of transportation is allowed on small jobs. That’s a general rule of thumb. At a central or portable ready-mix plant, concrete should be emancipated from a truck mixer or agitator truck within two hours. Time is decreased to one hour if non-agitating transporting equipment is utilized. Make sure to avoid delays so as not to trigger honeycombing or cold joints.

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